Search Engine Optimization


Reaching new customers and maintaining loyal customers requires utilizing powerful and effective online tools such as AdWords from Google. This tool can help you reach those new customers who are searching for products or services just like yours by choosing where and when your ad appears. AdWords has the capability to target your audience according to specific parameters. Localize your audience by targeting by region or even zip code to optimize who you reach with each ad. Reach people as they search for your keywords or browse websites with themes related to your business. With AdWords, you can choose where your ad appears and set a budget that’s comfortable for you. AdWords uses a Cost-Per-Click bidding advertising that allows your company to only pay when a consumer clicks on your ad. Your company bids for the best position and location on each page. Grow sales and maximize return on your investment by targeting your ads to a relevant audience on search engines, websites and mobile devices.

LinkedIn Ads:
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads on LinkedIn - the networking site for professionals - focuses on small or mid-sized companies and emphasises connections business-to-business. LinkedIn can target a specific demographic and location, as well as set a budget for individual clicks and total expenditure. Your ad then competes on LinkedIn pages with like-minded advertisers. LinkedIn also offers a program where you pay for ad impressions -- how many people are exposed to your ad.

Facebook Ads:
Facebook can not only open up your company to more customers, they can connect you with the right customers - your intended audience. Facebook Ads can target by age, gender, pages people have liked, or by region. Other benefits to Facebook advertising include the pay-per click and setting a maximum budget per month. Facebook also has the capability to monitor the Ad’s performance which will give you information about what's working or not working for your audience. This will show you how the ad is performing and calculate the return on your investment.