The Benefits of Retargeting For Your Business

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Retargeting is a marketing tactic we do for a lot of our clients here at Sperling Interactive. We have found it to be a powerful way to get the word out about our awesome clients. As a result, today we wanted to explain what retargeting is and the benefits of retargeting for your business.

What is retargeting?

There are a number of reasons why people who visited your website don’t buy from you or reach out to you.  It could because they’re comparing prices, browsing and doing their initial research, or they got distracted. First impressions are important but they can also be forgotten about. That’s where retargeting comes into play.

Retargeting involves targeting individuals who have shown initial interest in your product or service. They went to your website, but left without completing any action (i.e. filling out a form, purchasing a product, registering for an event, etc.) Retargeting tries to get people who have repeatedly visited your site to convert.

Retargeting vs. remarketing

These two terms may sound the same but they are actually different. Remarketing is the term used to describe re-engaging prospects with email. An example of remarketing is a company sending a person an email to remind they have abandoned their shopping cart.  Another example is when a company sends you an email after you bought a product with products similar to the one you bought as a way to engage you with their company again. Retargeting, on the other hand, entails display advertisements. It’s the ads you see as you explore other websites while crawling the web. This blog post of ours dives deeper into how retargeting works. 

The Benefits of Retargeting

More sales

This is certainly a goal for every business doing retargeting. Whether or not your business has an online store, getting sales should be your website’s ultimate goal.

Attracts prospects

The people you retarget showed initial interest in your offerings. Retargeting is a way to nudge them. As we noted before, there are various reasons people don’t return to your website. Retargeting is a way to remind them about you.

It increases users’ time spent on your website

When you are using retargeting, you are reconnecting with prospects and this leads to users spending more time on a website.

It increases brand awareness

Only 2% of web users make a purchase on their very first visit to an online store and about 96% of all website visitors visit websites when they are not ready to buy. Studies have shown it takes most customers seven interactions with a brand before they build trust and buy from it. Retargeting allows your brand to have more interactions with your prospects. It helps people remember your logo, products or services, and slogan.

There are multiple ways to retarget people

Website visitors can be targeted through either pixel-based retargeting or list-based retargeting. Pixel-based retargeting reaches anonymous website visitors and list-based retargeting reaches contacts in a database. 

Pixel-based targeting is powered by browser cookie technology. The website has a bit of code that is invisible to users. Each time a new visitor comes to your website, the code embeds a cookie onto the visitor’s browser. When the visitor leaves the site, the cookie will track future web traffic. 

List-based targeting is usually used on social media platforms and allows you to retarget people in your business social media database. The advantage of listed based targeting is your ads can be highly customizable given the knowledge you have of the contacts. 

You can also target specific audiences with retargeting. You can target people based on their interests and demographic. You can target warm leads such as site visitors who abandoned their shopping cart.

As you can see there are many ways to target prospects and there are many benefits to it. To learn more about retargeting and how it can help your business, call us at (978) 304-1730. We’d be happy to have a complimentary call with you.

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