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Having a strategy to grow your email list is crucial as your list decreases 22.5% every year due to people either moving companies, unsubscribing, or deleting their email address. According to research, more than 90% of adults use email and 74% of teenagers have an email address. With that said, it is clear that email marketing can help you effectively reach any age bracket. Here are some steps you can take to get more people on your mailing list.

Use social media to promote offers that require an email address. When doing offers or giveaways for your business, posting about them on social media is always a must. Next time you do this, require people to send you their email address. Make sure you direct people to a landing page where they can fill in their email address instead of having people message you their email address.

Collect email addresses at trade shows. Never attend a trade show without bringing a bowl for people to put their business cards in or a list for people to write their email address down. Now there is a way to always reach out to prospectives you met there.

Include the registration link to your newsletter when you guest blog. Guest blogging is not only a great way to introduce new people to your business, but you can also use it as an opportunity to display links to your social media channels and your newsletter sign up.

Do giveaways. Everyone loves a good giveaway, and this will become a popular way for you to gain more email addresses.

Attend a networking event and/or host one. Networking events are always a great chance to meet new business people, find new business opportunities, as well as grow your list.

Include a subscribe button on your website. Your website is an extension of your business and is a common place for people to join your email list.

Include the registration link in your email signature. Direct people to a landing page where they can sign up.

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