Metrics To Know & Understand For Pay Per Click Campaigns

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Are you creating landing pages for your business? Do you know what what all the metrics concerning paid search actually mean? Here’s everything you need to know and understand about those metrics.  

User – User is another name for a visitor. When you see the term ‘user’, it means that someone from a device has landed on your website. If a married couple shares a laptop and they view a website at separate times during the day, the metric system still considers that one user.

Sessions – Sessions deals with quantity. It is the number of times a user visited your site.

For instance, if someone goes to your website once, leaves, and then comes back two days later for a second time, that would be considered one user and two sessions.

Bounce Rate – Bounce rate is another quantity. It is the percentage of visitors to your website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page. Your bounce rate can vary for a number of reasons. If it is a landing page or blog that is meant for someone to read then leave or convert, then we would expect to see bounce rates between 60%-80%. If we are driving traffic to the site and want the user to visit multiple pages to either convert or complete a desired action, a healthy bounce rate would be between 30%-60%.

Pages/Session – This term refers to how many pages were visited during each session by a specific user.

Avg. Session Duration – Average session duration is the total time spent on a website as a whole for each session by a specific user. Again, ways to analyze this and gauge effectiveness can vary.

Pageviews –  Pageview represents the total amount of pages viewed on your website from all traffic sources.

New Vs. Returning Visitors – By far the simplest, yet most useful, metric to look at. Although you always want more new visitors, the key is to bring them back to your website if they didn’t convert. Analyzing this can help you optimize remarketing campaigns to the fullest degree in order to bring back commercial intent users.

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