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As Massachusetts heads into phase one of reopening, hair salons, places of worship, barbershops, pet groomers, and community health centers can resume operation. Of course this state reopening comes with its restrictions. One of those being people can’t enter your businesses without an appointment. 


It can be a lot to manage consumers requesting appointments while you navigate how to safely reopen. That’s where a booking engine comes in handy. 


A booking engine is a plugin you can add to your website that allows users to sign up for an appointment. It’s quick and easy for users to use while simultaneously giving you peace of mind. 


At Sperling Interactive, we’re here to make the transition to the new normal hassle-free. Contact us today to learn more about how we can get your business up running smoothly with a booking engine, or reach out to owner, Mike Sperling, directly to coordinate a virtual or phone meeting. 


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