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Social media has changed a lot since its beginning. It started off as a platform primarily for friends and family members to connect, but over the years it has become an important space for businesses to market their products and services. While the practice of social media marketing has evolved and matured for businesses, some common myths and misconceptions around social media as a marketing tool still exist. In today’s blog post, we’ll be unpacking social media’s biggest myths.While the practice of social media marketing has evolved and matured for businesses, some common myths and misconceptions around social media as a marketing tool still exist. In today’s blog post, we’ll be unpacking social media’s biggest myths.

Myth #1: Millennials Don’t Use Facebook Anymore

Facebook quickly became the most popular social media network when it was launched in 2004 and nearly sixteen years later it still reigns. Many believe millennials don’t use it anymore, but according to research from Statista, Facebook use is still most predominant between the ages of 18-34. The group studied in this research admitted to still logging into Facebook daily. 

Myth #2  Only Young People Use Social Media/My Customers Are Not Social 

Think that the only people on social media are Gen Z and millennials? Think again. In 2019, over 2.39 billion people worldwide were active on social media.

82% of Boomers who use the internet also have at least one social media account. Their platforms of choice are Facebook and LinkedIn. They are 19% more likely to share content compared to any other generations. Despite that, they are the least likely to access social media from a smartphone or make a purchase through an app.

Besides sharing content about their families on Facebook and searching for information on LinkedIn, 54% of Boomers watch video content. Adoption rates for Baby Boomers are continuing to increase as their comfort with social media grows.

Today, it seems like there’s a social platform for everything and everyone. Odds are, at least one one social media platform has an audience that will align with your brand.

Myth #3: Video Marketing Is A Trend

Video marketing has grown as a content strategy over the past several years. The catalyst for this has been the uprise in mobile devices and fast mobile internet. These two factors are making it feasible to stream videos anywhere.

Stories has become  Instagram and Facebook’s biggest feature to date.

Among millennials, two-thirds of social media users stated engaging with a brand after watching a video posted on social media.

More than three-quarters of all business using video marketing are seeing results. 

Myth #4: It’s Okay To Not Have A Plan 

When it comes to social media, you should always plan. You should put together an editorial calendar a month in advance. 

On the way to building a social media strategy, answer the question, “Who is my audience?” and “What channels is my audience active on?”

From there, determine what unique features on each social channel will be useful for achieving your goals (like the ability to target paid ads so specifically on Facebook).

When it comes to creating content, ask yourself, “What can we say of value to someone that they’d want to interact with?”

Myth #5: You Must Be On Every Social Media Platform

You should only devote time and resources to the platforms that align most with your audience and marketing tactics. If you’re just starting out, research social networks. You will be wasting your time and possibly money using a social media platform if your ideal clients aren’t using it. Social media’s power is its ability to help you connect and build relationships with your ideal clients. Why would you want to put time and effort on a platform where your community is not active or there at all? Stretching yourself too thin over too many platforms can actually hinder your ability to build relationships and see results on any given platform. Doing social well requires spending time creating great content and also engaging in conversations with your community.

Myth #6: You Have To Post Multiple Times A Day

You need to post consistently, but you don’t have to post multiple times a day. Most studies agree that once per day is optimal, with a maximum of two posts per day. 

Myth 7: Hashtags Are Essential For Every Post

The point of hashtags are to join together common conversation threads. They can help you find followers that align with your brand. So while it’s nice to have a hashtag for an event, like a webinar or a trade show, don’t lose your mind if it doesn’t become a trending topic.

Myth 8: It’s Free To Market On Social Media  

While it’s free to join, it is still worth making an investment in. Luckily, social media is still one of the most affordable ways to advertise

Myth 9: I Am Successful If I Have a Large Number of Followers 

Oftentimes businesses will judge their social media success by the number of followers and likes. While the size of your account can act as social proof, it does not directly affect the success of your company.

Myth 10: It’s Not Possible To Generate Leads Using Social Media

Social media marketing takes time. It takes time to build a presence and a community. It has to be used strategically and with realistic expectations. Whatever your goals for social media, you need to plan to be in it for the long haul.

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