Trial and Error: Tracking and Analytics

Google Analytics

Google analytics can be used to track the success of what you are doing. It can track how many pages are visited, what pages were landed on, how many people visited your website, how long they stayed and where they were viewing from. Advanced metrics are also available that can break down gender and age.

The other thing it is important to track within google analytics is mobile views. This will give us an idea of what percentage of people are viewing the site are using mobile devices and can even let us know what devices they are using.

Google analytics is key to looking at the success of an SEO/SEM campaign and is also important to see how viewers are moving around your website. This data is key to making adjustments to all aspects of your website.

Advanced Analytics

Great for B2B businesses, this brand of analytics will let you know which businesses are visiting your website. It can be used to aggressively reach out to new prospects that may have been on your site, know when someone you have a proposal out to have visited or a current client was on maybe looking for your help or a new service.