Organize Your Content


A slider is a good way to organize a set of photographs with captions that can display key features of your business or organization. The images can have links to point to specific pages on the website.


One of the current trends is to have long pages that are well organized, typically with color banding to help separate certain sections. Navigation is built into the page to help skip down to certain sections or to move from section to section. Background images can move independently from the content overlapping it. Additional movement can exist as you scroll down the page.

Pages with No Scroll

Another trend is the complete opposite. A large photo or photo slideshow covers the whole screen, which helps to create a very simple clean look. This is a great option for those with great photos or visuals.


Used for a long page, this can be used to collapse content that can be opened if the user chooses to.

Paragraphs versus Lists

Paragraphs are good for things that need to be described in great detail but if possible lists are a simpler quicker read.


Think about including an interactive timeline on your history page. This can be a great way to present the history of your business or organization in a compact space.