Take Security Seriously

CMS Updates

Content management systems are vulnerable to being hacked because they are connected to databases. It is important to keep the system and all plugins within the system up to date to close up any potential holes in your website.

The process we use is as follows:

  1. A backup of the existing databases which will be stored offline for use if needed.
  2. An update of the wordpress site and any plugins being used to close up any loopholes.
  3. A security audit to ensure no malicious activity has taken place.
  4. A check of the site to make sure that the site is running properly.

Plugins are available to offer automated reminders about updating this.

FTP/Domain Passwords

Be sure to pick a password that is not easily guessed. Using the password 1234 or Password is a bad idea. The use of admin for a username can also be easily guessed.

Limit Login Attempts

There are options in content management systems to limit the login attempts allowed in a certain period of time. By having this in place it reduces the risk of someone guessing a username or password.