Tell Your Story with Visuals


The use of custom photography can really take your website to the next level. While it can cost a little bit more you can more clearly communicate what you are trying to get across.

Stock photos often use the same person in many photos. This means your competitors may feature photos of the same people. These also often look fake.


Video spread throughout the website will give users something quick and easy to read instead of text. Using video on your site will increase the amount of time that is spent on the website.


Charts, graphs and other visuals can simplify your message. These can be traditional or can be more creative in nature if your website allows.


Icons can be associated with pieces of text to give the user an idea of what the text is about prior to reading it.

No Music

Most websites are viewed Monday-Friday from 9-5. No one wants to be surprised and embarrassed by music coming out of their speakers when they are supposed to be working. In today’s internet environment, in most cases music is tacky.