Why Wordpress

Better User Interface

Wordpress has the easiest interface for updating the pages on a website. This includes the updates for text but more so the update of photographs on a website. Finding the pages to edit is also much simpler through the use of the search feature and the ability to click an edit button while visiting a page on the front end.

Power of Plugins

Wordpress has the most plugins of the three CMS options. This allows us to add features with less effort and helps to keep the cost down on the websites we develop in Wordpress.


All of the content ends up in a database which means it is all available via internal search for your users. Items can also be tagged with specific categories which will allow for a more curated search experience.

Search Engine Optimization

Wordpress is easily optimized on a page by page level. There are things natively built into wordpress like the url structure. This can also be adjusted with SEO plugins.

Same Final Product

Regardless of what CMS is used the users will get the same experience.