Wordpress Security

It is very important to keep your version of wordpress and the plugins up to date.
New versions are released on a regular basis to not only update features but also to close any security holes.

  1. Backup of the existing databases which will be stored offline for use if needed.
  2. An update of the wordpress site and any plugins being used to closeup any loopholes.
  3. A security audit to ensure no malicious activity has taken place.
  4. A check of the site to make sure that the site is running properly.

Wordfence Security

A plugin that can detect if your site has been infected and help tighten up security.
Reminders will be sent when plugins fall out of date or the wordpress core falls out of date.

Brute Protect/Limit Login Attempts

These will prevent a person or system from getting into your website by limiting the number of login attempts that are allowed.
Once the limit is reached the login will be inaccessible for a period of time.


One of the two plugins that comes by default with Wordpress, Akismet helps to limit the amount of SPAM commenting that happens through the system.
You must sign up as part of the community in order to use this plugin. When an item is marked as SPAM it lets all of the members of the wordpress community know and prevents future SPAM from that IP address.