Mobile: The Future of Digital Marketing


30.64% of all views on internet using mobile device (August 2014)

Apple Iphone Users 42.4% vs Samsung Users 28.4% in US (July 2014)

IOS 42.4% vs Android 51.5% Operating System in US (July 2014)

IOS 15.6% vs Android 78.4% Operating System Worldwide (July 2014)

Mobile Web Site

Automatic Switch

When a user visits the website we can determine what device they are using and present the mobile site to them. This can be done on a device by device level, even with tablets.

Simplified Content

Those viewing a website on a mobile device will spend three times less time then viewing with a desktop. It is important to present content that those using a mobile device might be more likely to be looking for. This might mean a phone number, address and other contact information as well as basic information about your company.

Simplified Design

It is important to design for the mobile device. This means enlarging interface elements so they are easy to click and making sure everything is clear and readable without needing to zoom in. Important elements such as the phone number and address should be made clickable so the phone will call or get directions.

Link to Full Website

Should a user not find what they are looking for on the mobile website, a link should be made available to the full site.

Load Time

A mobile user can either be connected via wifi or on the 3G/4G/LTE networks. The phone networks are typically slower than the wifi network so we want to be conscious of the load time. We can achieve this by minimizing photo and video content.

Responsive Design

Full Site that Scales/Adjusts for Device

The site should be built so it looks good on a television all the way down to a mobile phone. This can be done by scaling, readjusting and hiding content as the site is viewed on smaller screens.

Simplified Navigation

As the site reduces in scale the navigation will typically collapse into a drop down menu.

Mobile Apps

App must be developed for both the IOS and Android. As these operating systems are upgraded the Apps must also be upgraded to keep up with technology.

Over 70% of Apps don't ever reach over 1,000 downloads.

In most cases we have found that the cost of developing an app is not worth the investment.

Mobile Social Media

Encourage the use of these social media items where relevant for your business.

Facebook & Foursquare

Allows for the check-in when visiting locations/businesses. Allows for commenting and photos taken at these places.


Photos taken on mobile devices and uploaded directly to the account. Other connected users can see the photos uploaded.


A short video that can be viewed once by the viewer(s) that are sent the clips. These clips can be viewed once before they are automatically deleted.

New Technology

Google Glass

These wearable glasses allow someone to consume information while participating in everyday activities. They also allow the user to capture video and photos.

New Iphone 6

New features include:
2 Sizes - a more standard size and an in between size, sometimes known as a phablet
NFC Reader - Used for Payment but also can be used with other embedded NFC chips
Health Monitoring
Measure Elevation Changes

New Iwatch/Wearable Smart Devices

To also allow for health monitoring as well as other functions.