Social Media


Search engines are looking at how many people, like, share, comment, retweet and engage with your social media posts. This is has become a stronger factor in the search algorithm. Being personal, unique and the use of photos/video will tend to increase the engagement you are receiving on your posts.

Allow Content Sharing

Add a share button to all of your content to allow it to be shared on facebook, twitter, linkedin and the other popular social media sites.

Backlinks within Social Media

Your website is still the center of your online universe. It is important to place links back to your website for both users and for the search engines to increase your backlink ranking.

Social Media are Search Engines Too

Each social media site acts as a search engine unto itself. This can be another way people can locate your content and engage with your brand.

Youtube and Vimeo

Video results will show up within many search results giving your brand additional opportunity to be found. It is important that you clearly title, describe and tag each video. Also be sure to include a link back to your website with the video. Launching a channel versus loading individual videos will help to keep your content together.


Looking for shares, comments and forwarding of content.


Short thoughts with good use of hashtags. Looking for retweets.


A business page is setup with details on products and services being offered. Individual people can belong to this business. Looking for sharing of content.


For those in specific industries Pinterest is a good tool to help with organic results. Specific projects or ideas can be pinned in order to show up for searches on those items.


A social media site with all images and video. Tends to trend younger and can encourage a lot of engagement.

Industry Specific Social Media Sites

Examples include Houzz (for builders, interior designers, etc), Dribbble (for graphic designers), or Doximity (for doctors and health professionals).

Additional Search Results

A strong presence on social media creates the opportunity for additional results for your business within the search results.