Search Engine Optimization

Link Building

Link Building is an essential digital marketing tool designed to help your business connect with more customers. Sperling Interactive develops “links” on other websites that connect back to your website. By adding quality links, not only will your website’s traffic increase, but you will see an elevation in your search engine ranking thus making it easier to be found in a crowded digital marketplace.

Some of our Strategies for Link Building include:

Free Business Listings Websites:
It is important for your business to be listed on local online business directories. The more places your business is listed, the more value your business will get from the Search Engines. Free Business Listings are a great way to verify and list your business in hundreds of locations reaching new customers. They also make your business stand out by explaining the products, message, or services the consumer should know about.

Location Based Search Listings:
Register your business using the geolocation services found at Google, Bing, and Yahoo. By registering, your company will become easily accessible by those searching in your area or those paring a city or town with a keyword. Add business hours, modes of payment, and other information. Pictures, maps and direct links will make finding your business a snap.

Social Networks:
Create links from your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn to your website to direct your intended audience to where they want to be. This will add value to your site and give customers more of what they are searching for.

Blog Catalogs:
Submit your RSS Feed to blog catalogs to ensure that the content you create on your blog is distributed throughout the internet. This will create excerpts of your articles on the blog catalogs with a link so those who are reading can navigate to your website to learn more.

Trade Links with other local companies:
Create a links page on your website and ask others to place a link on their website in exchange for a link on your website. This may include other businesses who compliment your products and/or services or other businesses in your local community.

Links from .edu and .gov:
Links from websites whose web address ends in .edu or .gov are very valuable to raising your search value because these web addresses can’t be bought. Strategies to get links from these sites will rely on reaching out to relevant contacts at these organizations.

Industry Specific Links:
Many industries have websites specifically dedicated to them that allow for links to be placed on them. This could include trade organizations, manufacturers for the products themselves or directories dedicated to your services or product.

Blog Comments:
By researching and targeting online blogs in fields similar to your business and them commenting on those blogs will have numerous benefits. Not only will these links increase your companies search ranking but also keep you in touch with like-minded businesses. This will in turn boost traffic flow to your website.

Press Releases:
The purpose of a media press release is to get your news in front of as many people as possible. One of the greatest benefits to including PR in your marketing strategy is link building. We make sure to include keywords that you want to rank for in your press releases so that when journalists see the release, they may include some of those keywords, themselves -- particularly if they pull quotable snippets from you to include in their own coverage.