Calendar listing writing

Looking to share your event with the community? Sperling Interactive can write a concise calendar listing and disseminate it to the local media to spread the word.

Editorial calendar plan development

An editorial calendar is the ideal tool to keep you on track. Sperling Interactive will work with you to develop an editorial calendar to meet your company’s needs.

Media advisory writing

Want to invite the media to an event, press conference or forum? Sperling Interactive can create a media advisory that concisely states the What, Who, When, Where and Why as well as gives contact information and important details.

Media list creation

A key element of any media relations effort is the creation of a targeted media list. The list is comprised journalists and bloggers that you plan to connect with about your news. Sperling Interactive can develop a media list to meet your objectives and audience.

Media outreach

Thanks to the wonders of technology there are more ways to reach out to the media. Sperling Interactive will reach out to target media members on behalf of your company with the right balance of perseverance, persistence and respect.

Press kit development

Sperling Interactive can create an electronic press kit that gives journalists and bloggers key company information in an easy-to-use format. Press kits often contain information such as news, bios, FAQs, contact information, downloadable images , photos and videos.

Press release writing

Do you have company news that you would like to share? Whether you want to announce a product launch, new hire, merger, acquisition or event, Sperling Interactive can craft a press release to attract media attention and engagement.

Writing services

Sperling Interactive has a team of writers to assist you with all your communication needs. Whether you need a wordsmith to craft a press release, develop a blog, write a brochure or create an ad, we will match you with a team member to meet your specific need.