Allison Bennett

Content Writer

Allison Bennett is one of our Content Writers tasked with creating engaging and valuable content for our client’s websites. While Allison has been a content writer for the past five years writing travel blogs, digital brochures, content for wedding websites, and articles for magazines, she feels like she has been writing for as long as she can remember. Her passion for writing became a career after graduating from Westfield State University with a BA in English and a focus on Creative Writing.

When she’s not working she is … you guessed it, writing! In addition to writing for fun, she enjoys fencing and sewing, cosplay photoshoots, playing video games and TTRPGs, and shopping.

Favorite Candy: Cadbury mini-eggs
Favorite Quote: “Curiouser and curiouser”
Latest Obsession: Unlocking every recipe in Don’t Starve Together
How do you like your pizza?: Plain cheese or with mushrooms
Name an App you can’t live without: Discord
Night Owl or Early Bird?: Night Owl
Musician You’d Like to Meet?: David Bowie or the band Poets of the Fall
Favorite Author: Jim Butcher and Stephen King
Movie You Can Watch Over & Over: Labyrinth

Favorite GIF:


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