Dreams Khlief

SEO Specialist

Dreams is one of our Project Coordinators who enjoys the critical thinking component of the position, including interpreting analytics, strategizing paid media advertising, and optimizing SEO for our client’s websites. Although new to the industry, Dreams studied Business Administration at Salem State University with a concentration in Marketing in order to be successful in our fast-paced digital marketing field.

When not in the office, Dreams enjoys spending time with family, traveling, and exploring the cuisines and cultures of other countries. This self-proclaimed ‘foodie’ loves cooking, trying new foods, and getting adventurous with new recipes. She also loves heading to the gym or playing piano for fun.

Dreams’ special talent is that she can speak four languages – Arabic, English, and Spanish, and she recently taught herself Turkish.

Favorite Candy: Tony’s Chocolonely
Favorite Quote: Do good and good will come to you / if you don’t fight for what you want… don’t cry for what you lost
Latest Obsession: Pickleball
How do you like your pizza?: White creamy sauce with mushrooms, olives and steak
Name an App you can’t live without: YouTube
Night Owl or Early Bird?: Night owl
Favorite Author: Ibrahim Elfiky
Movie You Can Watch Over & Over: Cheaper By The Dozen, Titanic

Favorite GIF:

Lion Giphy

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