Ken McHugh


Ken is one of our Developers, who playfully goes by the nickname the “Harbormaster” for one of the first websites he brought to fruition. Ken came to us with 12 years experience in the industry as both a designer and developer with a strong concentration on web development. Add to these experiences a degree in Graphic Design from Salem State University and Ken has the best of both worlds: a broad outlook on the marketing industry with a focus on the technical side of things. It’s these experiences that make Ken passionate about building and improving on the user experience and making things more intuitive.

Ken grew up around technology and the internet, before it became the internet that we know today. His love of gaming and video game development keeps his skills sharpened both at the office and at home. When he is not working, Ken can be found hiking, practicing disk golf, playing music, and hanging out with his wife, son, and 2 cats. One uniquely interesting fact about Ken is that his coffee intake limit knows no bounds.

Favorite Candy: Trader Joe’s Sour Scandinavian Swimmers
Favorite Quote: “I was saying Boo-Urns.” – Hans Moleman
Latest Obsession: Home improvement (not the TV show)
How do you like your pizza?: In my mouth
Name an App you can’t live without: Spotify
Night Owl or Early Bird?: Night time!
Musician You’d Like to Meet: Mike Patton or Wata from BORIS
Favorite Author: Stephen King
Movie You Can Watch Over & Over: The Toxic Avenger
Favorite GIF: Probably this kid:

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