Mason Dixon

Director of Search

Mason is our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Specialist who is steadfastly dedicated to bringing a company’s web page to the top of search engine results. After years in the marketing industry, Mason enjoys seeing the whole vision for our clients come together. From writing ads to collaborating on creative aspects and refining audience targeting, it’s rewarding to him to hit the bullseye for a client. He thrives on the collaborative nature of the work such as working closely with team members to achieve success for our clients.

Mason is a native of Georgia, Vermont, right on the shores of beautiful Lake Champlain. He attended Keene State College in New Hampshire where he attained his BFA in Graphic Design. While he began his career in marketing in a small ad agency where he wore many marketing “hats,” he was soon introduced to digital advertising on paid search and social media, where he currently spends most of his time. 

When Mason has some free time he truly appreciates music. He specifically loves guitar and any other stringed instruments he can get his hands on. He’s also a foodie, especially bagels and breakfast sandwiches. Ironically, Mason is not a good cook. A man of many interests, he enjoys specialty coffee, video games, documentaries, gardening, and hanging out with his cats.

Favorite Candy: Kit Kats & those orange circus peanut candies (even though I get a lot of hate for it)
Latest Obsession: Bánh mì’s
How do you like your pizza?: New York style, thin and extra cheesy
Name an App you can’t live without: Discord
Favorite GIF:
favorite gif

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