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Like most urban areas, Massachusetts’ North Shore has seen its homeless population grow. And like most big problems, no one can do it alone.

To respond to the homeless crisis, North Shore homeless agencies and shelters decided to join forces and take a more regional approach to helping people return to lives of independence. With their hands full, Lifebridge North Shore asked if we could help coordinate the marketing of their new merger and create a website that not only combined each agency and shelter into one site but also provided features to make it easier for people to find homeless resources and submit donations online. We couldn’t wait to start.

  • Graphic + Print Design
  • Photography + Video
  • Web Design + Development

The Solution

Our first initiative was to design a new logo for the parent company and rename it Lifebridge North Shore. Lifebridge serves multiple communities including Salem, Beverly, Lynn, Danvers, Peabody, Gloucester, Swampscott, and Marblehead. To maintain brand recognition, we kept blue as the primary Lifebridge color, as it’s a color that symbolizes hope. We made the secondary colors purple, light blue, green, and orange. Lifebridge North Shore’s logo is clever in the sense that it looks like a bridge, but also looks like three people holding hands.

Seeds of Hope

We worked with Lifebridge closely on their Salem Lifebridge location. Our team helped rename its location to Seeds of Hope, as it is a shelter committed to helping residents plant new seeds and support individual growth. Our design team created a logo that depicts a figure coming to life from all of the opportunities in which the seeds provided. Considering Seeds of Hope is Lifebridge’s primary location, we used a different font and all caps to help the title stand out amongst the other three locations.

The Grace Center

The Grace Center is located in an old church, so the new logo symbolizes a sense of spirit and joy. Prior to the rebrand, the Grace Center logo colors were red and blue. We changed the Grace Center primary color to a new light blue. The color blue represents the values in which the Grace Center was founded upon: acceptance, hospitality, and opportunity.


Lifebridge Thrift Shop

Our designers also designed a fresh look for the Lifebridge Thrift Shop. The house represents the organization’s mission: to serve as a home of resources and supplies for those in need. The hanger coming from the roof of the home underscores how this location is a thrift shop. As the Lifebridge Thrift Shop is popular, we decided to keep its orange color to promote a sense of continuity and maintain its recognition.

The River House

With River House, the Lifebridge shelter located in Beverly, MA, our goal was to modernize the logo while keeping the same aesthetic as the other locations. As the River House is an emergency shelter service, we created a logo to communicate the message of being welcoming and supportive. This logo expresses imagery of safety and comfort inside the walls of its blue house.

When it came to selecting a font, we wanted to use one that is clean, polished, and modern. We found all of those attributes in Avenir Black, which is used in every location’s name to unite the organizations. We also used Avenir in Lifebridge North  Shore and Lifebridge Thrift to bring awareness that Lifebridge now serves all of the North Shore, and to illustrate Lifebridge also has a secondhand clothing and household goods store.

All and all, our branding work has helped the North Shore community see the four organizations that make up Lifebridge North Shore as four pieces of a whole.


After launching their website, we had the pleasure of developing a unique product for Lifebridge North Shore’s biggest fundraising event of the year: a series of immersive 360-degree, virtual reality videos. The videos provide a powerful visual experience that allowed benefactors to see Lifebridge’s case workers meeting with clients and experience a day-in-the-life of the homeless.

We have continued working with Lifebridge North Shore through regular blog posts. Our goals with these posts are to increase users’ knowledge of homelessness, how they can help those in need, and potential solutions. They also keep the site optimized for search engines.

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