Photography + Video

Compelling photos and videos on your website helps not only to break up text, but also to engage your audience, keep them on your site, and immerse them in your brand’s message. Photos and videos introduce new and old users to your business and helps your services come to life.


As a former photojournalist for several newspapers, Mike grew the business by photographing events for chambers of commerce, colleges, private schools, sports teams, and theater companies. Today, event photography remains a staple in our services. We love being there to capture your memories.


A portrait can either make or break you landing a dream job or winning a dream client—it’s the logo to your personal brand. Your portrait is your chance to show off who you are in the best possible light. Our photographers can capture stunning images to complement your brand and services.


If you're not using video in your marketing strategy, it's time to start. Videos are a powerful way to tell your story and keep people engaged with your content. Plus, videos keep people on your website longer, which is a big boost for SEO. No matter your product or service, it's essential to use video to attract visitors and keep them coming back.


At its core, Sperling Interactive is a web development and digital marketing company, so we know more than anyone how important the visuals are to your site. People interact with the visuals on your website before they even read your copy. With our web and marketing photography, we can help more viewers become clients.

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