Destination Salem

Destination Salem


Salem, Massachusetts is synonymous with Halloween and every October, the city offers tourists a witching good time. Though there are few places that top Salem in its Halloween festivities and fun, Salem is more than Halloween. It has maritime history, a vibrant arts community, an impressive food and beverage culture, and scenic ocean views. In 2019, Destination Salem, Salem’s destination marketing organization, came to us with a desire to use these factoids about Salem and turn it into a yearlong destination.

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Destination Salem Portfolio Destination Salem Portfolio


What do all travelers love? A good old travel guide! We designed Destination Salem’s 2019 travel guide, which you can find on display in shops and restaurants in Salem as well as the visitor center. To provide travelers with a new perspective, we put the Salem Trolley on the cover in front of the historic Custom House. The trolley is Salem’s signature sightseeing tour, and we made the cover vibrant to showcase the city’s colorful history.

Once the guide was completed, the next step was putting Salem on the map for online inhabitants. We created Google Ads, Display Ads, and Facebook Ads to promote Destination Salem’s Guide to Salem and their Haunted Happenings Guide. Before we hopped on board, the digital guide was free to click on and use while you had to request a hard copy sent to you. We realized this was a significant opportunity to build their email list by requiring a form submission to view the guide. After looking into the data, we found that the digital guide received outstanding engagement, so it was a no brainer!

Destination Salem Portfolio Destination Salem Portfolio Destination Salem Portfolio


A year before we started working with them, Destination Salem received roughly 8,000 travel guide downloads. In 2019, with our paid search and social efforts, they received a little over 14,000 travel guide requests.

The campaign we ran for Haunted Happenings was from mid-September 2019 to October 2019. In this timeframe, Destination Salem received 178 hard copy guides requested and 284 digital downloads. We found that many visitors downloaded the guide as they were exploring the city.

Another goal of ads was to increase traffic to their website. In 2019, our ads brought 63,376 users across their two sites, and

Overall, our work with Destination Salem has helped bring more attention to the city of Salem. From March 1, 2019 to November 30, 2019 traffic from New York increased by 20%, New Jersey increased by 22.6%, and traffic from Pennsylvania by 26.2%.

Travel Guide Requests in 2019

> 14,000

Traffic to Websites from Ads in 2019


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